Men who want to be healthy, must put in a good number of practices to ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle. Drinking alcohol, taking hard drugs and the likes, are not part of a healthy lifestyle.

Bearing in mind that, some of these unhealthy practices cause some specific diseases in men, it would be best to avoid them from the start.

To start with, men are advised to avoid sitting in one place for a long period of time. Hours of sitting down at work has the tendency to adversely affect your health. More specifically, it could increase the risk for endometrial cancer, colon problems, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and any form of disability.

For men to avoid this, it is advised that they exercise more often. If they cannot avoid sitting down at work for long, then they need to balance it by exercising more.

Another way men can walk around this, is to take short periods of break at work, and take a stroll round the office. Failure to do this, causes the blood flow in the legs to be reduced, and cardiovascular disease is likely to set in.

Secondly, men are advised to avoid stress. This might seem like an impossible task to keep up with, but it is actually beneficial.

Stress has the tendency to increase your chances of having stroke. As a matter of fact, those who are chronically stressed are more likely to have stroke. Stress can be avoided by effective rest, learn to take a vacation or break from work once in a while.

Thirdly, men need to avoid processed red meat. Red meat increases the chances of you coming down with diabetes and heart disease. It is best to limit your red meat consumption and focus on white meat, and you can wrap this up with vegetables and fruits.

Next, one habit which men need to avoid is having sex without protection. This is very dangerous, as there is a tendency for them to come down with sexually transmitted diseases. To avoid this, they should have sex with protection, or rather stick to one faithful partner.

Conclusively, men are to excessively cut down on their intake of alcohol and drugs, in order to prevent their body organs from becoming impaired.

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