When it comes to addiction, it does not just boil down to alcohol and drugs alone, there are other substances and acts which cause addiction, and affects men. It is amazing to note that, there are some types of addiction which affects men than women. Better put, the prevalence of some addictive habits are more in men than women.

In this piece, there are five addictive habits of men which would be looked into:

  1. Drugs: Drugs is one of the top addictive substance in the world, and research has shown that, men abuse drugs and are addicted to it more than women. Men abuse drugs for all sorts of reasons. There are some who believe it helps them relieve stress. For some, it helps them perform better in bed, and a host of other reasons.


  1. Alcohol: Alongside drugs, alcohol is one of the leading addictive substances in the world. Men are known to be more addicted to alcohol, and there is actually no precise reason for this. However, from statistics, particularly the leading causes of death among drivers. A good number of them were driving under the influence of alcohol.

  1. Gambling: Men are known to have gambling as one of their favorite activity, and a good number of them are known to spend a fortune on gambling just to win big. There are some men who spend all their time gambling and they forget about their family, relationship and the likes.


  1. Video games: This is more common among younger men. Some teenagers and youths are known to spend ample time playing video games without minding the accompanying adverse effect which comes with it. Hence, it affects them both at school and work, because they find it hard to concentrate.


  1. Sex: This is also an addictive habit which is common among men. There are some men who are addicted to sex, that they have it every day. Although, there is no known proved health consequence for this. It however affects their productivity as they are not able to deliver as expected because they are always tired out after stress.

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