For a good number of years, scientists have been trying to inquire into the exact reason why people become addicted, and some never do. In this case, there are men who have never been addicted in their lives, while there are some who suffer from addiction. When it comes to addictive acts and substances, there is a general trait which they share.

This trait is, there is a neurological response which is triggered, and this activates the reward system of the brain. Hence, someone who is addicted would want to come back for more pleasure.

There is no single known cause of addiction in men, however, health professionals have suggested that an integration of factors increases the risk factor. This could be the environment, family, stress, mental health problems and the likes.

In men, one way to prevent addiction, is to effectively handle past sad events. There are some men who hang on to painful moments of their lives, and the only way they can help themselves, is to get drowned in an addictive act, or take either drugs, alcohol or both.

In this case, the best way to help men, is to suggest support groups which they can attend. Seeing a therapist is also important.

Working with a therapist comes in handy when it is difficult for you to achieve self-control. One way to detect this early in men is, if the person is someone who frequently yearns for extreme encounters and happy feelings, then it is likely the individual would take to addictive acts to achieve this.

In addition, men need to ensure that they choose their friends wisely. There are some friends which encourage addiction, and it can affect someone during the process of recovery.

Friends who are equally addicted would subtly ensure that these addictive substances and acts are readily accessible. Hence, hanging out with them is not helpful, because it would be difficult to make a decision when it comes to recovery.

There are dire health consequences which comes with addiction in men, and it is advised that they seek help immediately with a counselor or therapist before it gets too late.

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